Self-Adhesive Automotive Floor Mats

Self-Adhesive Automotive Floor Mats

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Keep the interior of the vehicles looking pristine with our self-adhesive floor mats specifically designed for use in the automotive industry.  Protects freshly cleaned or dyed carpets and gives used cars a new car look and feel.  Each mat adheres easily to automotive carpeting without spray adhesive. 

Each mat is printed with "Dealer Must Remove Protective Covering" in the industry standard rectangular pattern.

  • 200 ft. Roll: 21" x 200' x 3 MIL - perforated every 24"
  • 500 ft. Roll: 24" x 500' x 3 MIL - perforated every 21"
  • 500 ft. Roll: 24" x 500' x 4 MIL - perforated every 21"
  • last up to 45 days when applied.

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