Patriotic PermaShine 6-Balloon Cluster Kit

Patriotic PermaShine 6-Balloon Cluster Kit

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PermaShine are simply the best solution for auto dealers looking for a helium balloon alternative! They are long lasting indoors without having to pay for a service or expensive helium. 

PermaShine Cluster Kit Assembly Instructions

Each cluster pole kit includes:

  • 1 PermaShine 18" Balloon in Red
  • 3 PermaShine 12" Balloons in Blue, 2 red
  • 5-Port Manifold
  • Hanger Cap
  • Inflation Needle
  • 12' Monofilament for hanging
  • Carabiner
  • 15lb Magnet

If you want to choose your colors - view our standard Permashine kit: PSKTBBCCKBB


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