DuraBalloon Deluxe Long Pole Kit

DuraBalloon Deluxe Long Pole Kit

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The only seamless vinyl balloon on the market, DuraBalloons are simply the best solution for auto dealers looking for a helium balloon alternative! Duraballoons are the only internally seamless vinyl balloon available, meaning they will fly for months at a time with no maintenance required. Engineered from specially designed plastic polymers, these balloons are extremely durable and can withstand the harshest environments.

Our Deluxe Long Pole Kit is a very popular option for lining the font line of the dealership, and one of the easiest to install. Use this kit to create a vibrant and welcoming setting for your lot in no time at all.

DuraBalloon Long Pole Kit Assembly Instructions

Each long pole kit includes:

  • An 18" seamless vinyl balloon
  • Upper holding cup and security screw
  • Strong 41" fiberglass stem
  • 4' Black aluminum anodized pole
  • 21 Colors to Choose from

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