DuraBalloon Single Suction Cup Kit

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The only seamless vinyl balloon on the market, DuraBalloons are simply the best solution for auto dealers looking for a helium balloon alternative! Duraballoons are the only internally seamless vinyl balloon available, meaning they will fly for months at a time with no maintenance required. Engineered from specially designed plastic polymers, these balloons are extremely durable and can withstand the harshest environments.

Our Car Window Clip Kit is a great tool for auto dealers looking to highlight certain vehicles on the lot, and very easy to install. Use this kit to easily attach our bright, bouncing DuraBalloon to any vehicle's window.

DuraBalloon Car Window Kit Assembly Instructions

Each window clip kit includes:

  • An 18" seamless vinyl balloon
  • An upper holding cup and security screw
  • A strong 41" fiberglass stem
  • A car window bracket
  • 21 Colors to choose from

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