Oil Absorbent Pads - Pack of 100

Oil Absorbent Pads - Pack of 100

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Hazmat absorbent pads are used to clean-up any spills, including oil and hazmat spills, or they can be used for any general spill clean-up application. These products are made with 100% pure polypropylene with absorption capacity up to 25 times their own weight, and they are resistant to chemical reactions.

Bonded hazmat polypropylene absorbents are sonically welded for additional strength and less linting. They are ideally used for general spill cleanups for oil, hydraulic, and chemical spills in a manufacturing environment. With absorption up to 25 times their weight they are the most effective in the market today.

  • 15" x 18"
  • Medium
  • 100 Oil Pads

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