Orange 5.5 ft Chloroprene Balloons

Orange 5.5 ft Chloroprene Balloons

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Ensure that your next big sales event can be seen for miles! Cloudbuster balloons are capable of flying hundreds of feet over your lot and are a great way to draw in potential customers. These are chloroprene balloons are manufactured to professional standards. When fully inflated they are an incredible 5 1/2 feet in diameter.

We recommend bringing your Cloudbuster balloons indoors at night and during bad weather. Because the filling and usage of large display balloons is beyond our control, no performance or longevity guarantee can be made. Inflatables should be flown clear of poles, signs, trees, etc., to prevent damage.

Each balloon will use approximately 87 Cubic Feet of helium.

Best held with our Polyethylene Triangle Pennant Line


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