Technician's Choice Headlight Restoration Kit

TC Headlight Restoration Kit

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How well do your headlamps light the night? Yellow or faded headlights can reduce visibility and driving safety at night. Avoid the expense of costly replacements. Technician's Choice Headlight Restoration treatment is long-lasting and cost effective.

Our kit is a two-step process that includes resurfacing plus the application of a unique coating to help restore clarity and brightness to your vehicle's lenses.

Please note:

For polycarbonate or plastic headlights only! Not intended for glass headlights. Please wear proper protective equipment. Do not use in direct sunlight or a windy area; ensure work area is free of dust prior to application. Protect paint and trim areas from exposure to overspray of Restoration Spray. Wipe painted areas immediately after treating. Do not allow Restoration Spray to dry on painted surfaces, remove immediately while wet.


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