TEC 288 Rid Odor Pro - Leather - Case of 12

TEC288 Rid Odor Pro - Leather

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Why make customers wait 30 minutes or longer to have their vehicle odors removed?

Technician’s Choice® Rid Odor Pro is used in pre-owned vehicles all over the country to eliminate those really tough odors such as cigar/cigarette smoke, excessive body odor, leftover food, pet odors, musty smells from wet carpets and even nasty smelling air vents-quickly and easily.

In less than 3 minutes, Technician’s Choice® Rid Odor Pro can be completely applied to the entire interior of the vehicle, including the A/C system (vehicle does not need to be running) and trunk with no clean-up.

The active ingredient in Technician’s Choice® Rid Odor Pro permanently attaches to the malodor molecule changing the molecular structure of the offensive odor so it can never again get released into the air we breathe. The good news is the product continues to work and the existing offensive odor will never come back, unless reintroduced to the environment.

Technician’s Choice® Rid Odor Pro is PPE-Free, so there is no need for masks, gloves or respirators!

We recommend the use of the TEC289 Rid Odor Pro Application Tool in order to properly use TEC287 to eliminate the odors existing in your vehicle’s interior and A/C system.


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